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62303 Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Dergachi,  
23 August street, 6А

+38 (05763) 3-03-21 ; +38 (05763) 2-06-81



Our news

 Currently, Ltd. AVV-100 produces three types of units for the production of honeycombs: AIV-50-1,  AIV-50-2 and AIV-100-2


Welcome to the website of the company

      Co Ltd AVV-100 produces: machines for manufacturing honeycombs AIV-50 and AIV-50 (Tape Generating device – 2 pc, Electric cubicle -2 рс. , engraved rolls and smooth engine and manual, as well as a wide range of beekeeping equipment.

       The history of the company dates back to 1887. We are the successors of Lomakin Vladimir Ivanovich (1859-1906), creator of the first roll with cells adapted for the Russian bees. 

        History of equipment development dates from mid 19th century, their design is constantly improving. For decades, this equipment was produced in the former Soviet Union only by our company and has proved their high efficiency throughout the Soviet Union and CMEA countries. Units that were released 30-40 years ago, continue to work and now, having a high level of competitiveness in three key indicators: excellent quality of honeycombs, simplicity and reliability, relatively low cost. 

         Nowadays, our company offers advanced high-performance machines for the manufacture of high quality honeycombs. 




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