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 Currently, Ltd. AVV-100 produces three types of units for the production of honeycombs: AIV-50-1,  AIV-50-2 and AIV-100-2

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Ltd company "AVV-100"

(To 120 anniversary of foundation)

In 1887 in the suburb Derkachi Kharkov province opened a small workshop producing beekeeping equipment. The owner was the teacher of an agricultural college in Kharkov Vladimir Ivanovich Lomakin (1859-1906). At that time in Russia prevailed kolodnoe beekeeping, but the experienced beekeeper amateur V.I. Lomakin was able to see promising directions of the framework, which has significant advantages. In connection with this increased demand for tools and implements for the framework of beekeeping, especially on the artificial honeycombs and engraving rolls were necessary for their production. At that time rolls imported into Russia from abroad, mostly from the U.S.A. Lomakin's workshop started to produce it.

V.I. Lomakin, modeled on the American hand-roll Ruta, created the rolls with cells adapted for the Russian bees. In 1890 at an exhibition in Paris, these rolls have received positive feedback. In addition, Vladimir Ivanovich invented smooth rolls, which made it possible to produce honeycombs sheets of even thickness and without defects. In the workshop were also produced honey processing devices (medogonka), steam waxheatings, hives and various beekeeping equipment. At the World Exhibition in 1893, held in Chicago production of the workshop was rewarded with the gold medal and an honorary diploma.

When the owner died his business passed to his son Lomakin Nikolai Vladimirovich (1887-1955), who immediately took up the consolidation of production. Now the workshop is situated in a spacious house in the village of Koputec that is five kilometers from the Dergachi station  and is expanded with new machines. In the production was constantly involved 15 people.

In 1913, NV Lomakin took a lease on a half hectare in the vicinity of the station Dergachi and began the construction of solid industrial case. Two years later, construction was completed. In the production facilities were installed 10 machines and electric power station "Otto Deyts. The number of workers increased to 20 people.

The First World War, the October Revolution, and then civil war did not lead to economic growth of the state. The company has reduced its production volumes, and then simply ceased to produce it.

To resume their work became possible only in the NEP years, and although production volumes of beekeeping equipment declined, products still had high quality and were in demand. First All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, held in Moscow on October 1923 awarded the goods produced by the workshop, a diploma of I degree.

In 1930 the mechanical workshop of beekeeping supplies was nationalized and became a part of a system of Kharkov "Okrplodsoyuz". The new state-owned enterprise got the name - Plant Nezamozhnyk, and the former owner continued to work here as head of design and experimental department. On this position he worked until his death in 1955.

The plant continued to work to improve the design of beltmaking honeycomb machine of the type "Vida". In addition mastered the production of smooth, and then engraving rolls, which were made on an automatic machine, that was unique for that time. The company's products were in demand abroad, and often appeared at international fairs. So at the exhibition in 1931 in Thessalonike (Greece) it was awarded a medal and a diploma.

The attack of fascist Germany had violated many plans. In September 1941, when the Nazis were coming to Kharkov, the most valuable equipment of the plant had to be evacuated to other parts of the country. And only in 1943, after the liberation of Kharkov started the work on putting the company in operation. September 7, 1943 the Soviet government adopted a regulation on an emergency city of Kharkov. The list of enterprises subject to rehabilitation and reconstruction, was adopted Dergachi Mechanical Plant (formerly Nezamozhnyk). In 1944, the plant resumed production output. Basically they were spare parts for agricultural machinery.

Despite the fact that the profile of products has changed, issue of beekeeping equipment and inventory has not stopped. The plant operated an experimental workshop, which was led by N.V. Lomakin. Equipment, released by the workshop still competed with foreign models. Efforts were made to improve honeycomb machine of the type "Vida", which happened in the new conditions not productive. Staff of the workshop led by Chief Engineer J.D. Iasnogorodski developed a fundamentally new model machine, that got the name "Ukrainka-2". The mashine has received high reviews of Soviet and foreign specialists and awarded a large silver medal at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR. Since there were not any analogues of  "Ukrainky-2" in world industrial production, its development has been recognized as invention, and its creators got copyright certificates. Since 1952 started mass production of honeycomb machine "Ukrainka-2. In the mid 50-s products with the label Dergachi plant appeared in the international market. The plant has become a permanent member of an Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR, where well-deserved success had a new modification of honeycomb machine Ukrainka-4, honeycomb rolls, a unique automatic-machine, created by designers of the plant for the production of cells on the cylinders of the honeycomb rolls, samples of equipment for beekeeping. Thrice products of Dergachi mechanical plant got diplomas II degree, and their authors got silver and bronze medals. And always special attention of experts raises unique machine for the manufacture of artificial honeycombs. In 1956-1958 it is exported. Honeycomb machines "Ukrainka-4", engraving rolls, some types of beekeeping equipment were sent to Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

In the early 60's the plant began to receive urgent government orders for goods meant for tractors and farm machinery, and in 1968 the company, the first in the country, directed the development of mass production of turbochargers. We had to rebuild the company for these purposes. Issue of beekeeping equipment in these conditions was not considered cost-effective and was stopped.

Although the main products of the plant during that period were turbochargers, beekeeping equipment department continued to work on improving honeycomb machine. Thus, since the beginning of 1972, the company began receiving country and exported abroad, developed by factory designers artificial aggregates for producing honeycombs (AVV-100) with a drum diameter 320 mm. The new machine was much superior in quality to the previous models: improved appearance, productivity increased to 100 kg of artificial honeycombs per hour. The unit was demonstrated at the International Exhibition "Bee-farming-71" held in Moscow, and was awarded the Great Gold Medal, and the staff of the manufacturer awarded an honorary diploma.

In the 90 years the plant was restructured, and the land for the production of beekeeping equipment and the equipment has been isolated in a separate workshop where was organized a new company AVV-100 under the leadership of Vladimir Ivanovich Rudenko, who has been working at the plant from a locksmith for the production of roll up to the Chief Supply in Dergachi factory of turbochargers. The new company needed to improve the equipment items. It was decided to modify the unit "AVV-100" for the needs of small businesses, that began to develop in Ukraine and countries of CIS. The group of specialists, headed by chief designer of the enterprise based on unit production of artificial honeycombs AVV-100 began to develop a new machine AVV-50. This was the first equipment developed and released by a new enterprise.

Continuous improvement of equipment is indispensable in the organization. Thus, the aggregates were transferred to the electricity and were equipped with electronic temperature control, and already nowadays they are not inferior to the world analogues, and concerning the final product - honeycombs, even ahead of many countries.

The organization regularly takes part in exhibitions and fairs, as glaring evidence of the diplomas and certificates.

The company is working120 years, looking for new ways of development. History of the plant is carefully preserved in the museum Co Ltd AVV-100.

At present, our company is the oldest company in the Kharkiv region for the production of bee-keeping tools and equipment, and age, as is known - is experience, reliability and stability. Over the years, the enterprise could prove competitive in the domestic market and abroad. Team workers of the plant continue the tradition of excellence initiated by its founder Lomakin V.I., thereby facilitating the development of such an important industry as beekeeping in Ukraine.


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