Wax-press complex for 4 tanks

The wax-press complex is designed to produce wax from waxy raw materials (mervas, etc.).
      Wax-press complex is designed and intended for:
           - large grazing farms with more than 500 bee families serviced;
          - wax-processing enterprises with productivity up to 70 tons of raw material per year.
       The method of extraction of wax on this wax-press complex is different from simple pressing, the impact on processing raw materials in the mode:
          "Push - Pause - Release - Pause". This mode makes it possible to extract the wax from the raw materials most effectively and to obtain the beeswax by the method of wet squeezing and washing.

   Технічна характеристика
Technical characteristics
Загальний об'єм варочних баківл/Total volume of cooking tanks, L 500
Загальний об'єм кошиків, л/Total volume of baskets, l 280
Напруга електромережіV/Mains voltage V 380
Загальна потужність ТЕНів, кВт/Total power of heating elements, kW 18
Споживання електроенергії за один робочий цикл (нагрів води до 100 ° С), кВт
Consumption of electricity for one duty cycle (water heating up to 100 ° C), kW
Застосовувана гідравлічна рідина, кількість, л/Used hydraulic fluid, quantity, L масло И20, 14 л.
И20 oil, 14 l
Витрати водил/Water consumption, L 300
Середній вихід воску від тогощо міститься в сировині/The average yield of wax contained in raw materials 92-95%