Wax-press complex for 1 tank

Wax-press complex for 1 tank
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Wax Press Complex for 1 tank
The wax-press complex is designed to produce wax from waxy raw materials (slumgum, etc.).
The method of extraction of wax on this wax-press complex is different from simple pressing, which operates in the mode: «Push — Pause — Release — Pause». This mode makes it possible to extract the wax from the raw materials most effectively and to obtain the beeswax by the method of wet squeezing and washing.

Wax-press complex is designed and intended for:
— large apiary farms with more than 150 bee families;
— wax-processing enterprises with productivity up to 20 tons of raw material per year.
Supplied with:
Name Quantity
Unit for preparation of raw material 1
Wax melter 1
Power point 1
Process control unit 1
Heating control unit 1
Hydrocylinder 1
Winch for removing of waste out of the basket 1
Technical specifications
Melting tank volume 125 L
Basket volume 70 L
Mains voltage 380 V
Heating element power 4,5 kW
Electricity consumption per working cycle (water heating up to 100 ° С 5 kW
Used hydraulic fluid, volume И20 oil, 6 liters
Water consumption 75 L
Average wax yield from raw material 92-95%