Pump unit for honey pumping

Pump unit for honey pumping
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Pumping unit for honey pumping is intende for honey transportation in liquid form from one copasity to other one over pipeline (for example, from the extractor during honey pumping to further container). You can also use pumping unit for pumping of other heavy liquid.
 The main working part of pumping unit is gear pump, which brings gear motor into acion. Pump parts, which is in contact with honey during work, also the shafts are produced from corrosion-resisting steel (stainless steel), which is acceptable for exposere to food products. Journal bearing of intermediate shaft is from bronze. Compression of working shaft is made by a special gasket. You can change it easily when it is runout. Inlet and outlet are joined threadedly, if wished they can be changed by other one. 
 Pumping unit also has power unit and electric motor rotation control (pumping unit productivity). Everything is set on the metal tralley with wheels and a transport  handle. 
 For pumping liquid honey it is necessary to join tightly outlet with a container, from which honey will be transported with inlet of pump and absorbing hose with relevant diameter. This hose must be inflexible for keeping its shape during pump work, as during pump work, as during absorbing liquid honey it falls under collapse by atmosphere pressure from the outside. You don`t need to set sealing yokes on this pipeline section ensuring this effect, it is enough to fit tightly the hose to nipples. Further you should connect the second hoseto outlet (pumping), by which honey will be transported to the removed capasity. To fasten junction hard by yoke. This hose must with stand pressure of honey inside, especial at the first part you should fix free the second hose end above the capasity for draining honey. Open the tap for honey entering and wait for it. Push a button "Start" on the control box. Gear pump is not self-priming, that is why it is necessary the liquid level in the capasity where it is pumping of will be a little bit higher than hose top.