16-framed automatic half-turning for "Dadan" frame, Ø 900 mm

 16-framed automatic half-turning for "Dadan" frame, Ø 900 mm
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16 - frame automatic half-turning extractor is produced for bee honey extracting out of uncapped honey frames under the action of centrifugal force.
 The speciality of this extractor is rotor construction. It has separate plating. During the rotation, cassettes border not on rotor rim, but on separate plating, which ryly on cassettes. In such way, more cassettes are placed in the same diameter. Small "underturned" of cassettes promotes better honey pumping, as the cells are also under not large angle to horizon. Rotor carcass is welded from shaped tube it doesn`t have thedividing in the top part, that is more comfortable during loading and unloading. Rotor of such construction also takes better the disbalance from unequal frames by weight, resiliently compensates it, the vibrational motions are passed less to the extractor, as a result it becoes more steady.
  Extractor electric drive consists of electric motor and 2 element jacketed card drive. Electric motor power supply is 24 V of drect current, can be done from alternating current system 220 V through the transformer rectifier unit, which is set in the extractor`s lower part, or from two in series accumulators 12 V. Cassettes with frames are automatcally set inoperative radially inboard and turn during the extractor`s rotor spinning on one or another part depending on rotor spinning direction. Extractor operation is set by appropriate pinch on the display unit. The extractor can work manually or automatically.

Extractor operation in manual mode
Speed, direction and time rotation in this mode is set on acontrol box console manually with the help of relevant pinches. After the rotation in one of the sides is finished or pushing a button "Stop" the delay 22 seconds is in operation. After the stop, when the button indicator is lighting "Stop" the access to further work with a control box console will be possible, for example, switching- on reverce or menu access of programming.

Manual mode specification
Speed range/ min  50....160
Working time min  0...5
Direction of rotation Forward/ Backward
Basic technical data
Electric engine supply current, direct W 24
Electric motor productivity 300 
Program control quantity 6+manual mode
Productivity (according to P5, if cross-section, time for loading and unloading ~1 min) frame/hour 170 
Belt of first drive stage ( cross-section, length) 0;1000
Belt of second drive stage ( cross-section, length) А;1000
Weight, no more kg 130 
Honey extent, which is collected in the extractor between its necessary drains (the level of lower rotor spokes) 120
Angle of cassettes turn 63о17' 
The distance from spinning axic of extractor to the centre, mm 440
Overall dimensions, mm
Drum diameter 1200
Drum height 750 
Height of honey extractor with stand 1110
Width 1400
Desired door width for carrying the extractor into the buiding, knocked down 1000
Type of frame Dadant, Superframe (2pcs), Ruth, Swedish, Danish, Wielkopolskaya

т. О – spin axis (extractor axis)

т. 1 – cassette centre

Extractor operation in automatic mode
For extractor operation in automatic mode it is neccessary to choose one of the programmes (Р1; Р2; Р3; Р4; Р5; Р6). Rottion speed, turning, quantity and also pumping time are programmed at the manufacture and it is unchanged for every programme. After the rotation is finished in one of the sides, as in manual mode, the delay 22 seconds is in operation.

Automatic mode specification

Program Direction of rotation
Forward Backward Forward Backward
Р1 U/min. 80 110 110  
Working time (min) 1,5 1,5 1,5  
Р2 U/min. 80 130 130  
Working time (min) 1,5 1,5 1,5  
Р3 U/min. 80 80 150 150
Working time (min) 1 1 1,5 1,5
Р4 U/min. 80 110 110  
Working time (min) 1,5 1,5 1,5  
Р5 U/min. 110 110    
Working time (min) 2 2    
Р6 U/min. 130 130    
Working time (min) 2 2    
Trade code Material Unique extractor features 
Drum Cassettes Rotor
16HABM2 stainless steel 
(Sheet 0.8 mm AISI 304)
stainless steel
(Rod Ø 2 и Ø 4 AISI 304)
stainless steel with a lid and a control unit Model 2 AB
( see Automatic 8 frame extractor "Rut")