Bushings for frames (latten) 2,5х5 mm

Bushings for frames (latten)   2,5х5 mm
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The bushings are used to prevent the wire from being tapped into a tree and, consequently, its sagging. Bushing bushings are made of brass. The total number of bushes in the package is 1100 ± 7 pcs. The bushings are installed in 2.5 mm holes, made in the side rails of the frame. When tensioning the wire, it extends through the inserted sleeves.
Dimensions of the sleeve, mm
Height 4,5
The diameter of the bonnet 4,5
Base diameter 2,5

Commercial designation 
Bushings for frames (latten) 100 g - 1623
Bushings for frames (latten) 1000 g - 1623/1