Cradle tube for catching queens (plastic)

Cradle tube for catching queens (plastic)
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Device that allows beekeepers to catch and guide the queen bee even into small aisles, when it is difficult or impossible to do it with your hands. During the work with queens, it is very important to take the queen out of the comb quickly and without risk of damage. The wide neck on one side of the tube allows the queen to be completely and safely covered on honeycombs. The conical shape of the tube physiologically forces the queen to move upward towards the narrow part. The tube containing the queen can be moved and released to the desired location. Materials and elements used in the manufacture of goods: the tube is made of transparent plastic, allows you to fully observe the entire process of catching and transferring the queen, and virtually eliminates the risk of injuring the queen. The rubber plug allows you to close or open the round top opening of a narrow part of the tube. The foam insert is used for the lower oblong hole of the tube.

Overall dimensions, mm: 25 × 35 × 165
Weight, kg: 0.014

Trade code - 432