Apiary smoker galvanized steel

Apiary smoker galvanized steel
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The apiary smoke is intended for the formation of a stream of smoke that pacifies the bees when examining their nests, as well as for fumigating bee families with bee diseases.
     Before starting work, it is necessary to remove the glass from the body of the smoker, fill it with smoke-generating material used in beekeeping for these purposes (for example, rotten mushrooms or dried wood mushrooms), and kindle it to a state of stable decay. Then place the glass with smoldering material in the case of the smoker, close the lid.
    When working with fur, a stream of smoke is formed from the nose of the smoker, which is used for its intended purpose. After finishing pouring ash from a glass.
    During operation, fire safety measures must be observed.
Commersial designation - 503