Machine for comb capping expression

Machine for comb capping expression
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The main working part of extruder is a worn, which is inside the perforated cylinder and have functions of division, transportation and comb capping pressure. Herewich honey with wax granules are squeezed out through perforation holes and drain to the sieve. Small parts of wax are held by the sieve, strained honey drains info lower capacity. At the front of the sieve, under the cylinder output there is a small backet for dry small parts of wax, which also can fall out holes at the end of comb capping pressure.
A worn kicks into action by the motor. 
Everything isset on metal structure from shaped pipe. The geat motor section is closed by a cover plate, where the handle is for regulation worm rotation. 
Technical data
Productivity kg/h 100
Power supply 230
Power 0,25
rotation per minute 4,5…9
Weight, kg 45
Overall dimensions, mm
length 840
width 410
height 620

Commercial designation - 1112