Wax-melter for 6 frames (stainless steel)

Wax-melter for 6 frames (stainless steel)
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Wax melter for 6 frames is designed to extract wax from old and used honeycomb frames by steam melting. In the process, disinfection of the framework is also operated.
A wax melter consists of a body, a plug-in block and a cover. A stand is supplied with the wax melter. It also includes a filler neck for filling and replenishing the wax melter with water and a drain adapter for the liquid wax passing out.
The plug-in block consists of a basket and a pallet attached to it. There is a drain pipe in the pallet, which does not tightly fit with the drain adapter in the body.  The honeycomb frames are loaded into the basket. The basket body has holes. Side holes are used to supply steam to the honeycomb frames. Through holes in the bottom, liquid wax flows into a pallet. The pallet is removable for the possibility of cleaning (screwed into the basket with 4 stainless steel screws). The plug-in block is equipped with handles for removing it from the framework.

Before starting work, the wax refinery must be cleaned and washed with hot water. Further:

- set the wax melter on a stand above a small fire or over a gas stove and set a container for collecting wax under the drain adapter;
- remove the cover;
- pour water through the filler neck into the wax melter before its outflow from the drain pipe (water can be poured faster by removing the plug-in block from the body and put it back after pouring water, while making sure that the pipe in the pallet matches the wax discharge fitting in the pallet ; it is better to use soft, low-salt water, for example, rainwater)
- set the honey frames into the basket;
- cover and start heating.

After completion of the work, the wax refinery must be cleaned, washed and the water is poured out.
Attention! During the melting of the wax, water cannot be completely boiled out, otherwise the wax refinery will be deformed

Technical specification
The number of loaded frames with a separator (width 37 mm.) 6
The number of loaded usual frames (25 mm wide.) 9
Processing time, min 45
The mass of the wax-melter with a stand, kg  
Average operating life, years, not less than 6
Overall dimensions of the wax-melter (without stand), mm
(height x length x width)
515 х 610 х 365
Overall dimensions of the stand, mm
(height x length x width)
327 х 520 х 297

Trade code - 1111