Smooth machine rolls

Smooth machine rolls
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Intended for thick wax band rolling, that comes out thinner of pressing beams of tape making machine. It can be used manually completed with a handle. It consists of a welded steel body, rollers, driving wheels and transmissive tooth wheels, a tank from sheet stainless steel and pressure bolts. On the rolling bearings. The wax band width after rolling is 1,1...1,4 mm. The items and specification are presented below in the schedule.
designation of
Lenght of roller
working area
Max width of wax band,
Overall dimensions,
Rollers diameter,
SmMRFB (290) 294 290 480х245х265 71 38,5
SmMRFB (320) 324 320 510х245х265 71  
SmMRFB (330) 334 330 520х245х265 71