Welcome to ООО "АВВ-100"
Welcome to ООО "АВВ-100"
Table to open the honeycomb

 Stainless sheet 0,8 AISI 304 





Extractor electric drive consists of electric motor and 2 element jacketed cord drive. Electric motor power supply is 24 W of direct current, can be done from alternating current system 220 W through the transformer rectifier unit, which is set in the extractor's lower part, or from two in series accumulators 12 W. Electric motor productivity - 300 watt. Cassettes with frames are automatically set inoperative radially inboard and turn during the extractor's rotor spinning on one or another part depending on rotor spinning direction. Extractor operation is set by appropriate pinch on the display unit. The extractor can be work manually or automatically.

ООО "АВВ-100"